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April 25, 2011 2 comments

Hi guys…. Dalam postingan kali ini saya akan membuat review tentang sebuah e-book yang menurut saya merupakan e-book yang WAJIB dibaca oleh para Pria sehingga menjadi seorang Pria yang benar-benar BERKUALITAS dan MENARIK di mata para wanita idaman mereka.

Baik dalam e-book ini ada banyak hal yang dibahas mulai dari Pemahaman akan cinta dan romansa itu sendiri (Pencucian otak anda dengan Mindset-mindset yang akan membuat Your Romance become Simple and Fun). Internal Improvement ,External Improvement (Fashion, Body Language, dll) dan banyak hal lainnya yang tidak mungkin saya beritahukan disini jika tidak mau Honji menyewa james Bond untuk menangkap saya karena terlalu mengumbar isi materi e-booknya. :p

Eniwei… Jujur.. banyak hal baru yang bisa saya dapatkan di dalam e-book ini. So jika anda merasa atau bahkan INGIN “Menjadi Pria Berkualitas dan Menarik”  MAKA e-book ini adalah sebuah panduan yang akan memberikan kalian banyak manfaat yang akan mengubah diri kalian menjadi seorang yang dicari wanita . . . Gak Peduli seperti apa kekurangan yang kalian miliki !

Ok. Hanya itu saja *sementara yang bisa saya tulis untuk Review e-book M3 RAHASIA MENJADI PRIA BERKUALITAS DAN MENARIK. Jika Anda tertarik silakan pahami baik-baik.

Note : Jika Anda Benar-benar INGIN MENJADI PRIA BERKUALITAS DAN MENARIK, Silakan kunjungi Situsnya di sini.

Rasakan Transformasi dalam Hidup Anda Setelah Membaca E-book tersebut. 🙂

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April 16, 2011 1 comment



I wrote this note on my second day in my birthday. I felt like my birthday wouldn’t be completed if I didn’t write this. So please stay and bear with me guys.

Ok, On 3 April 2011 I have reached Age level to 21st. it means that I’m not a “COWOK” anymore but I HAVE TO BE A REAL MAN or you can say it a “PRIA” and not a “COWOK” anymore. Hmmmm….. back to my past, I felt that I’m such a looser. Being a victim of the DAMN world, being sucked by the illusion of love and so on… I just make a slight smile and then laugh at myself alone.

In my past time I felt like I have been a good person for anyone but NOW I think that those mindset are totally f***ing Wrong. There is a time when you don’t know that your words, your action n your behavior can hurt anybody. I felt that after I keep my mouth, keep silence and hear to what the people say.

After reconciliation with my mind, my emotion n of course my heart. I do find something wrong. The truth is I have made them feel hurted, disappointed, and emotionally angry. Fuhh… I know it is not easy but I as Panji Priambudi have to apologize for everyone I have hurted, So sorry for the inconvenience caused by me. I’m only a human and I have mistakes. Thus ones again, I apologize for all of you sincerely.

I live in damn spinning crazy era with a crazy and awesome brain… ever since I was born in this world. Hmmm… Back to my past I was a lossy person n can’t stand out for the crowd. I just realized that I am 21 years old now and still active (over active actually) and still awesome.  It makes my worthy brain think that I have something and I want to thank for this.

Through many things that has happened to me, whether it is good or bad I know… it is a PROCESS for me personally to be BETTER and for having HIGH QUALITY. Therefore I have to thank for:

ALLAH SWT for helping me to the achievements I have got in 2010. Not only for the things that has happened in my life but also I hope In my future I would be given MIRACLE so that the future can be reached by me… Myself n you guys, people who have supported me for achieving my goal n dreams so far. Thank you for that actually.

Big thanks for my parents that even though when they were having hard time, they always give me the best they could, to learn and teach me about the world itself.

Thanks For my mom… who always encourage me, support me, and help me with her endless love. For My dad who has struggled hard for our family, you are really THE BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD. Your calmness and your toughness really boost me up. Big thanks’ for you my lovely dad.

My Parents

Dad and Mom.. I will keep my promise to make you happy and proud that “I AM YOUR SON!” so just wait a little bit more. I’m on my way. Yes… I’m on my EXTRAORDINARY way. Thank you Dad n Mom. 🙂

For you my little brother.. Glad to have you as my lil bro… Thank you for the support you have given to me n Sorry for the toughness that sometimes I teach to you. I just want to make you to be better n could make our mom and dad PROUD to have us as their children.

For you guys my friend, Thank you for being friendly and kind to me. I know you have done your MAX action to make me become better.. Even sometimes you are irritated by my action but I know in your deepest heart, you are really wanted to make me better than before. So sorry for bad things I have done to you lately. For all of these things I can say that I am VERY LUCKY for having u guys in my life. Thank you for the knowledge and the others things u have given to me.

For my ex-girl friend I have to admit that I had a great time with you that were filled with love, memory, warmth and enjoyment. Although we are not in relationship now but my hope is that we can still become BEST FRIENDS after all. Hope u will find someone better than me. I hope so. 🙂

For the girls whom I chased before, Thank you for the things that make me attracted to you, feel melancholic and for the CHALLENGE you have given to me. I know at that time was great even though some of you rejected me whether it is by hard/soft rejection but that’s ok though. From all of you I gain a lot of things to improve myself to be more and more attractive (body language, fashion, n etc). Thanks’ to you gals for that. 🙂

For the girl whom I love right now… thank you for being a loveable partner to me, for the sweetness, kindness n toughness to me. Hope that we could get along together and also thank you for unforgettable birthday surprise given to me. Glad to have you as my girlfriend. Thank you.

And certainly, thanks to myself for all of the tears n blood along this life. Thanks for the HIGH SPIRIT within. Thanks’ for the energy that take me to action, right here, right now. You See….. this is our time to raise the STAR and Break the comfort zone to find the Miracle inside. Let’s get along together for the person whom I admire and I respect very much a.k.a PANJI PRIAMBUDI. Yes… me myself. J I love this guy very much. I promise to take care of you better than before.

So… in my 21st birthday of my life, I will run to grab my DREAM, MY PASSION and MY FUTURE with the support and gift from all of you guys. I AM PROUD TO HAVE ALL OF YOU and now it’s time for me to make all of you PROUD to have me as your friend, lover, n human being of course. No matter what… Those were what MADE ME THE MAN today with 3 aspects: BE DIRECT, BE HONEST and BE LOVED. Thank you very much for that. 🙂